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Duct Cleaning

Did you know that the average American home or office has never had its ventilation systems cleaned?

Over the course of time, ventilation systems accumulate dust, bacteria, mildew, and other debris. The debris catches in ventilation returns and begins to collect in the elbows of the duct work. As it accumulates on the walls of the duct work, the debris will continue to make its way to the filters, causing the filters to become over saturated. The result is the furnace working overtime due to additional stress.

The American Lung Association reports that poorly maintained ventilation systems allow bacteria to thrive and circulate throughout the home. The circulation of air throughout a contaminated airspace attributed to Legionnaires disease and worsening symptoms of allergies and asthma.

The Process of Cleaning Interior Air Vents

  • Upon arrival to your home, our veteran employees will locate the furnace and all returns.
  • Vent covers are removed and sanitized.
  • Other workers hook up a negative air pressure machine directly to the ventilation system.
  • The negative pressure will then pull loose debris to the outside of the system, becoming encapsulated in an external heap-filtrated storage unit.
  • Simultaneously, an eight-fingered agitation devise is run through all registers in order to break up any debris that has hardened over time.
  • After all ventilation shafts have been disinfected and cleaned, an EPA registered, ultra low volume air duct sanitizer is applied to all registers.
  • After the cleaning is completed, technicians will replace all registers and restore your unit to its most efficient and safe self.

Duct Cleaning Checklist

  • Do the cleaners hook up a machine to create negative pressure?
  • Do they individually agitate each individual supply and return shaft using compressed air agitation?
  • Do they use a sterilizing agent to sanitize any bacteria throughout the house
  • Do they properly reseal all entry holes created for negative pressure?

If any of these stages are missed on any level, you have overpaid and not had your ventilation system cleaned properly.

Remember, having your ventilation system cleaned and properly maintained is of the utmost importance to keep your HVAC system running efficiently, as well as preventing airborne activities from infecting those in your home or office.

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